• Hello, my name is Colleen and I have been grooming dogs professionally since 2007.  After years of retail punch-cards and unfulfilling desk jobs, I realized I needed to find a job that came with some real gratification. Dog grooming came very naturally to me, as it was extension of my adoration for animals and my keen eye for detail.

    I pride myself on my compassionate and thorough grooming techniques.  While grooming at a pet superstore, I was frustrated by the hasty and sloppy assembly line approach adopted by my fellow employees and I vowed to, one day, own my own salon, where dogs would get the thoughtful attention and pampering I would want for my own pets. I think there’s no better way to spend a day than helping  pups feel and look great. In 2012 I realized a dream and started The Ride & Groom Mobile Pet Spa.

    I dedicate The Ride & Groom to my BFF Chester.  Nothing was better than watching him prance around after coming home from the groomer.  Miss you, buddy.


    Please email me directly Colleen@theRideandGroom.com


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