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Pricing (bath only)

Grooming consists of a bath or a bath & haircut depending on each dog’s needs.

Some examples of purebred dogs that would consist of just a bath are many short haired varieties, e.g. Pugs, Boston Terriers, Beagles, Boxers, etc.

Breeds that would fall into the bath & haircut category would be Poodles, Shih Tzus, Yorkies, Schnauzers, etc.

Of course, not everything is so black and white in the dog world and many dogs, including many mixed breed pups, may have to be assessed in person to decipher what would be best for them.

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Small/Med (up to 49lbs) $75+

Large (50-75 lbs) $85+

Pricing for Bath & Haircut

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Small (less than 24 lbs) $100+

Medium (24-49 lbs) $110+

Large (50-75 lbs) $120+

Due to time constraints, I unfortunately do not groom Portuguese Water Dogs, Standard Poodles or Doodles of any kind.

In addition to their groom, all clients receive nail clipping, ear cleaning, tooth brushing and anal gland expression (if necessary).  Also plenty of love and treats free of charge!

Please understand that all of these prices are starting points.  They may increase due to coat condition, temperament, or other special handling that may cause the groom to take longer than average.

I accept cash, check, cards or Venmo for payment.

All services are dogs only. Sorry, kitties!

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